✉️ Support

Do you need support for your Morphor product?
Please make sure you have read the user manual and/or other related documents first.
In case you still have questions, don't hesitate to write us an email at support [at] morphor.io

Manuals and Firmware

LFO - Dual User manual v1.0

Envelope - Dual ADSR User manual v1.0

Ensemble - Analogue 8 Voice BBD Chorus User manual v1.0

Plectrum - Analogue BBD Pluck User manual v1.0

Distortion - LED Based User manual v1.0

VCF - Multimode User manual v1.0

Mixer - 5 Channel Amplifier User manual v1.0

VCA - Dual Lin/Exp User manual v1.1

Mult - Buffered User manual v1.0

AP-1 - Analogue Plectrum User manual v1.1

Other Belgian Synth Manufacturers

Alfa Delta
Skull and Circuits
Three Tom Modular