Analogue Quad Tap BBD Stereo Delay

The Morphor Echo combines a classic analogue warmth with modern flexibility. It is an analog, syncable stereo delay module designed for Eurorack systems. Occupying 20 HP, it features four 4096-stage BBDs with individual tap outputs and a mix output, delivering rich, textured delay effects. With a delay time range from 10 to 2040 ms, the Echo offers three distinct panning modes: ping-pong, traverse, and chaos, each with controllable spread. The module supports inverted feedback and includes an external feedback input jack. Delay time can be precisely controlled using the tap tempo button, CV input, or clock sync input, with options for quantized or continuous adjustment. Additional features include dry/wet CV, feedback CV, phase inversion toggle, and a clock sync input (1 or 24 ppqn).


  • 100% analog audio path
  • 4x 4096 stage BBDs
  • Delay time range 10-2040 ms
  • Stereo output (tap 4/dry mix)
  • All taps mix stereo output
  • 4 individual mono tap outputs
  • Dry/wet CV
  • Feedback CV
  • Phase invert option toggle
  • External feedback input jack
  • 3 panning modes
  • Spread CV
  • Syncable
  • Clock sync input (1 or 24 ppqn)
  • Quantized or continuous CV
  • Tap tempo button with RGB LED
  • Multiplied/divided tempo output
  • All CV jacks have attenuators


Panel width :  20 HP
Panel height :  3 U
Module depth :  TBA mm
Current draw :   12 V : TBA mA |  -12 V :  TBA mA |  +5 V :  TBA mA
Dimensions :  128.5 x 101.6 x TBA mm
Weight :  TBA g
Power Socket :  16-pin

EAN :  5419980274106
HS Code :  92099400