About us

Morphor is a Ghent-based collective of engineers, musicians and artists with a passion for creative sound experience and radical acoustic ideas. In 2022 we launched as our first module a fully analog string synthesis module AP-1 through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then Morphor has been designing and releasing a variety of analog synthesizer modules.

Most of us work for our mother engineering company ENT Studios, which makes it possible to facilitate all the Morphor production and R&D in electronics and acoustics.

After the Analogue Plectrum AP-1, we first made some utility modules like a mixer, buffered mult and a dual VCA to gain experience in the Eurorack product format in order to obtain a decent quality level. After gaining a lot of experience and finetuning our process, we are ready to provide the world with some new and unique modules


Less is more

All our modules are designed with an intuitive user experience in mind. We believe the modular part about modular synths is an essential aspect to cherish. Keeping modules focused on a specific functionality forces users to think about it in a fundamental way which fosters creativity. Our analogue products will not have any hidden functionalities or knobs with multiple types of behaviour. We always try to add interesting options to our modules which do not add a completely new concept on top, but rather enhance the basic functionality of the instrument. We promote exploration of a concept without losing focus.


Sustainability in the broadest sense is a fundamental and integral part of everything we do. We take great care while selecting components and suppliers and consider ecological aspects such as transport distance. This is why we also try to use our in-house skills to their full potential. You can learn more about this here. Our packaging is also completely paper-based.

We always aim to use high-quality components while designing and have spent a long time upgrading the overall build quality. When buying a Morphor product you can be sure they are built to last and won’t lose their magic for years to come.


We strongly believe in the collaborative spirit of the modular synth community. While designing our first module (AP-1) we asked the community for feedback and used it to improve the product. Added features and a new frontplate design upgraded our idea to a module loved by many.

We are continuously gathering feedback during our design process and incorporating ideas from people with all kinds of backgrounds. We are always open to new ideas so if you have any crazy ones, feel free to reach out to us.


We like to do things our own way. Analog electronics especially still holds a lot of mysteries which we like to use to create our own unique flavour. We love BBD circuits for their imperfection, we love custom five-pole filter slopes and we love adding features that make people think. Synth modules are also more than just electronics, so we love personally connecting with our products. Before getting a Morphor module in your mailbox, you can be sure it extensively went through our own hands. We assemble and test them in a technical sense but also make sure they just feel right in a musical context.

In-house design and production

All of our modules go through final assembly, testing and quality assurance at our in-house laboratory in Belgium. All through-hole soldering is performed in our lab. With our tools we tune all modules by hand. Before shipping the modules we do a thorough technical quality check and use the module in our lab test rig.

All of our frontpanels are also manufactured in-house. With our mechanical tools we are able to cut anodized aluminum panels and laser engrave the text and symbols. This way we can ensure all panels live up to our high quality standards.

Current Team

Fred Philpott - engineer

Matthew Philpott - engineer

Eli Clement - engineer

Kristel Dewulf - visual artist

Hall of Fame

Thijs De Backer - engineer

Some Pictures